In the beginning...

At the start of 2016 I began to struggle with sleep and constantly questioned whether I should stay at my current job. I spent weeks seeking information and counsel to know how to discern God's calling for my life. One morning, I spoke with Steve Blacksmith (Young Life Regional Director - North Puget Sound) who shared with me of a staff opening at Newport High School. He explained that Newport was filled with high achieving and majority Asian American students, kids just like me.


When I first heard about the opportunity to lead at Newport High School from Steve, I instantly felt the tug. That tug I realized was the calling I was waiting for. I contemplated and prayed whether I should join Young Life Staff at Newport or at the school I was currently leading at. After much prayer and conversation with friends and YL staff, I felt clarity and could easily connect the dots God placed in my past that would lead me to lead at Newport. 

As I mentioned before, during high school I was a part of a group called Asian Young Life. This was Young Life specifically geared towards the large Asian population in Bergen County, NJ. Newport High School is now 45% Asian and growing. My hope is to use the model of Young Life to reach the kids that reflect the unique cultural and demographic changes occurring at Newport High School.

Newport High School Demographics 2015-2016

Students at Newport tend to feel that "everything's good" as long as you've got the grades and the approval of their parents. Kids living in that community tend to feel loved or cared for by their parents depending on how well they've done in school. Using my unique experiences in Young Life and the high achieving Asian American culture, I hope to show kids at Newport that there is a life that is already full and abundant in Jesus and that it's not conditional.

If you would like to support me and the students at Newport High School, please click the link below.